Straight Leather Name Tags

The Leather labels are 1 cm wide and made from Natural, Cognac, Brown or Black Leather.

On Natural Leather, Symbols and Fonts will give the best visibility. 

Add all characters (fonts, points, comma’s stripes and symbols) and define their total. Spaces don’t count.

If you want, choose 1 or 2 symbols and the colour of the Leather.

De Haakfabriek checks the correct number of characters and will adjust the invoice if the correct number hasn’t been noticed.

Characters as: !@#$%^&*()_+ë:"{}|?><[]';/., are not available and cannot be ordered.

These characters will be left out of your content.

BE AWARE: Leather labels can’t be washed. We advise you to remove the label before washing and replace it after drying.

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