The Haakfabriek Web Shop is specialised in Leather LabelsLeather Crochet/Knitting accessories and Excusive & Trendy Crochet/Knitting packages.
In our web shop you will only find the original Leather products and Knitting/Crochet packages which are exclusively designed and manufactured by De Haakfabriek.
We design and manufacture tailor made Labels and accessories to give your creation a personal and luxurious finish.
All our Labels are handmade and the text or figures are printed on or stamped in the Leather.

The Stamped Labels are available in several colours.

The printed Labels are only available in the colour; Natural.

We spend a lot of time on designing applicable accessories and only use the highest quality leather.

This is the reason we can offer you a product that is 100% to our satisfaction. If you are, despite our quality control, not satisfied about the quality of one of our products, please let us know, we will be happy to help.

We also offer Trendy and Exclusive Crochet and Knitting packages, which include patterns and accessories.

These packages are suitable to excite your own creativity or someone else's, making Knitting and Crochet packages excellent gifts!

We regularly launch new packages and patterns so make sure to check our web shop and website frequently.

Because of our step by step patterns the packages are suitable for starters as well for advanced creatives.In our web shop, it’s easy to order and we offer safe payment options.

We are known for our creativity, customer satisfaction and service.Please visit our Web Shop: www.dehaakfabriekwebshop.nl and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.




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